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Pat Belsito 


Pat has a passion for homes and houses because the family business was home building. Pat built 300 homes with his father for 28 years, mostly in Mississauga and Oakville plus a few in Vineland and Fort Erie. Their secret to success was to build a home that would give the family moving in no problems for years to come. Sometimes this meant it cost a bit more or it took a little more time and always required meticulous supervision, but the result was always worth the effort.

Pat has continued with that philosophy in his real estate career: helping people, families, and investors purchase the best home that works for them and helping and advising clients in a professional, courteous and informative stress-free environment is the goal. Pat has 38 years of experience, including over 10 years in residential resale and two years as a building inspector with the City of Mississauga. Pat has negotiated hundreds of real estate deals, from starter homes to large parcels of land.

Service areas: Hamilton, Oakville