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Kim Smiley Wiley


Kim Smiley Wiley


I’m Kim Smiley Wiley, yes that’s my legal name. 😊
I’ve been wonderfully addicted to Real Estate since 2000. My speciality is education. I love to teach people all about the ins and out of their transactions. Saying the same thing over and over never gets old for me as I watch my client’s eyes light up as they understand what I am teaching them.

I don’t sugarcoat anything and always speak the truth, even when it’s hard to hear sometimes. I’d rather my clients know exactly what they are buying than feel remorse afterwards. This is a great breath of fresh air for many people as everyone wants honesty.

I always bring humour and fun to the process. Living up to my name of Smiley is something I take seriously. It’s important to enjoy this process.

I am a top performer on my board. I work with positive, like-minded individuals and surround myself with people who have huge growth mindsets.

My property specialities are in resale homes. My father was a home builder and my brother is the owner of a renovation co-called Bosch Services in Burlington so the housing industry comes very natural to me. And if there’s something I don't know, I'm not afraid to admit it - but will ALWAYS do the digging required. I won't let clients get fleeced buying or selling, EVER.

Before Real Estate I owned Builders Cleaning Services. I had 12 full-time employees and we cleaned newly built homes and newly built power centres. I sold it in 1999 and followed my passion for Real Estate.

I have two older children that are everything to me. They're why I do what I do. I connect extremely well with family-oriented clientele!

I recently moved to downtown Burlington and hope to meet many new people here. My outside interests are simple: the movie theatre is my favourite place and sharing popcorn is a sin, people watching at festivals, enjoying drinks on a patio, cruising to new destinations, and having tea with my besties. Life is as good as you make it. Always keep a smile in your pocket, you never know when someone might need it. Cheers!

Service Areas: Burlington, Hamilton, Hamilton: Ancaster, Stoney Creek, Hannon, Binbrook, Caledonia, Waterdown