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Danielle Moody


Danielle Moody

Sales Representative

Danielle has twelve years of experience in sales and contracts, four years focused on corporate sales and negotiations. Understanding that negotiation is a dance, she takes the lead with a firm awareness of her clients' needs and expectations. Danielle focuses on creating and nurturing long-term client relationships through straightforward communication, keeping her client’s best interest at the helm of every step, and a go-getter, strategic approach to real estate sales. A lover of all things home design and décor, Danielle can see a home for its true potential and has a vision for every room in your house.

A country music enthusiast, Danielle enjoys attending concerts with her fiancé. Mom of four, when Danielle’s not in the middle of a real estate transaction she’s proudly spectating karate, and basketball, snuggling up with her littlest ones or strolling the waterfronts, parks, and ice cream shops for some good quality family time.

Service areas: Burlington, Oakville, Brantford, Hamilton: Ancaster, Stoney Creek, Hannon, Binbrook, Caledonia, Waterdown